Give your Facebook page a workout

Written by Monica McInnes.

The world of social media is not all that new to many people. Depending on your demographic you potentially have been using social media for five or more years. It is a brilliant way to stay in touch with family and friends despite distances between you.

But many businesses often wonder how to best use social media, in particular Facebook, to their advantage. Here are our top 10 tips!

1. Be social
It's called social media for a reason – you need to be social! Facebook is a place people come to catch up on goss and see what is happening in their online world. Your posts don't need to be hard hitting business results or chest pumping posts about how wonderful you are. Instead they should be social, genuine and interact with your likers, and the pages and groups you like too. Comment, like and share other posts too.

2. Post photos
Images catch our attention and entice people to read more, and if they don't read more the image should give them a snapshot of what you are trying to say. Also, photos are better ranked by Facebook in terms of what it chooses to show in people's newsfeeds, and better received by your likers. Generally photos perform better in terms of interaction too with more likes, more comments and more click-throughs. So, even if you have a text update, try and see if you have or can take a photo to support the post.

3. Monitor your analytics
Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate! Facebook provides business pages with some really insightful 'insights' and you should have a look on a regular basis to see how your individual posts are performing. Look at your best performing posts – what are the topics of these posts, were they posted at a similar time, on the same day? Look at your least performing posts. Are there any similar themes across these? All of these things will help you craft your next posts, hopefully with much more success.

4. Post regularly
Posting regularly not only helps with you engagement, it helps keep your business top of mind with your likers. But, don't post so frequently that you spam your likers' newsfeed!

5. Create a posting calendar
Following on from posting regularly is creating a posting calendar. It can really help you keep on track and save time trying to think about a post when you are busy. Start by putting all the community days on a calendar – Jeans for Genes, World's Biggest Morning Tea, World's Greatest Shave etc. Look for days that have a link to your core business. If you have left-handers in your office, find out when International Left-handers day is. Add in team birthdays, business anniversary, and any other dates relevant to your business. Then on all the other days scatter professional advice, showcase your work, or look to post something funny or amusing. Or, consider running a competition, or ask some questions, post some photos of you on the job. The point is to get a range of post ideas down on a calendar so you can plan your posts.

6. Leverage your profile and cover pics

Your Facebook profile pic is arguably the most important photo on your Facebook page, closely followed by your cover pic! Your profile pic is the first thing people will see when searching and your cover pic gives them that first impression when they click through to your page. You should change your cover pic regularly – monthly is a good starting point, and your profile pic every so often – maybe bi-monthly or quarterly. Cover pics should be carefully designed to ensure they fit nicely and also display well on tablets and smartphones. You should use a quality photo or image that conveys your brand well.

7. Promote your page
Facebook ads and post boosts are really cost effective and they also allow you to really target people in your target market. You can select gender, age, geographic location to all assist in targeting the right people.

8. Give them what they want
Know and understand what your likers want to see and hear from you about. Do your likers look to your business for advice, for expert information, for inspiration? Whatever it is, give it to them, and give it to them for free – no strings attached.

9. Create some custom apps
Facebook page applications allow you to add interactive content to your page, helping to improve your visual presence on your page. You can have an app for most things including email sign up forms, videos, games, and even an online shopping cart system. There really is no limit to the functionality of a page app – you can develop them yourself, or use one of the many free apps supported by Facebook. It's easy and it adds value to your page!

10. Complete the About page
Not only will this information assist with SEO when people do a google search for your business, it also allows likers to find out more about you. Having your website address, contact details and hours are a must.

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