Want a number 1 ranked site? Then here's how.

Written by Monica McInnes.

It's the ultimate for any business. That elusive number one spot in a Google search result. Or at the very least to be listed on the first page. There's no question such a result is good for business.

So how do you achieve your prime search result?

Once upon a time it was all about back end coding of a website and all the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tricks included meta descriptions, keywords, photo tags and heading tags. In an effort to trick Google, people were loading keywords into their website content. So Google algorithms got clever. No longer does all this back end information mean you will attain your number one ranking goal. In fact, Google frowns on sites loaded with keywords, and often punishes offending sites with lower rankings. And, once this occurs, it will become very difficult to get back into Google's good books!

Today, the single most critical factor in achieving your number one ranking is content.

 Your website content needs to be:

• Relevant
• Fresh
• Interesting
• Informative
• Well written

However, there is also no point in writing a brilliant website, launch the site and then forget about it. No, you need to continually update your page. A blog is a terrific way to provide regular news to your website users. It also can position your business as an industry leader. Blogs can also help direct traffic to your site and keep them there as they read your articles. Google also likes to see sites that are visited frequently and people are staying for a while to have a look around.

Google also likes to see on links on websites too. Links to various other websites function a little like doors. High traffic websites links on your page is seen as very relevant to Google as it increases legitimacy of the site. However, linking to high volume advertising sites such as hotfrog, can actually degrade your organic search engine rankings with Google.

Your content, together with your back end tags and descriptions, will go a long way to helping you achieve a number one ranking. But this takes time. As the old adage goes, it won't happen overnight, but it will happen. Just keep plugging away at your website content and be patient. Engage with your website users, keep them informed, give them something for nothing, and create a website where people keep returning looking for information. And, at the end of the day, try not to worry about getting a high-ranking site by manipulating Google algorithms. Instead, focus on building a website that delivers the best content for its users.

Good luck and stay tuned for an upcoming blog about blog writing tips and tricks.

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