Please Explain!

Written by Andrew Littlewood.

By now you know you should be using videos to develop brand awareness, and you know the benefits of advertising on YouTube, maybe you’re even ready to start putting your knowledge into action.

Where do I begin? I hear you ask. What do I make videos about? What information do I include? What do people need and want to know?

Well, how about starting at the very beginning, with the very basics, what you do, what you offer; essentially, what you are selling?
Explainer videos are an excellent place for both large companies and small businesses alike to start marketing their brand, product or service, and pushing their message to the target audience, because sometimes, all a lead needs to be converted is a quick and easy explanation that solves any problems or answers any questions they may have.

Explainer videos are best kept at between 60 and 90 seconds. Any longer than this and you run the risk of deterring potential customers through long-winded and complex descriptions.
Well planned and executed explainer videos offer the following benefits to your business’ website:
Increased conversion rates:
Because your video will directly address the viewer’s informational needs, the chance of converting leads into customers is significantly increased. 
Better rankings in Google searches:
If you use YouTube to host your videos before embedding them or sharing them on your website, Google (who owns YouTube) will recognise this, and reward you for using their platform with a higher search engine ranking.

Increased web traffic:
The more you update the content on your website, the better your search engine ranking will become, as the system will push your new content to users, therefore driving up the rates of organic traffic. The majority of users are also more inclined to view video based information sources than text, so your explainer videos (if posted regularly) will assist in attracting repeat visitors.

Help audience retain information:
There is significant evidence to suggest that video is far more powerful than text, not only in conveying information, but in helping the viewer retain the message. Even if you succeed in getting your audience to digest a page of text, a recorded version of this text accompanied by engaging images is far more likely to remain in the forefront of the users mind.  

Easily shareable:
Your explainer video will be useful to you if it remains only seen on your website, though the social media pages of your clients and leads, which will be seen by their networks, are a far more likely place to gain large scale visibility. By encouraging viewers to share your explainer video on their Facebook or Twitter pages, not only are backlinks being formed that will assist with online SEO, but a large number of fresh eyes will be exposed to your content. 

Increased ROI:
It is easy to understand why increased traffic on your website will lead to an increased ROI (or return on investment), and explainer videos can help you to achieve this higher ROI, as they will both drive traffic to your site and better inform and engage visitors.

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