The Power Of Video

Written by Andrew Littlewood.

 If a picture paints a thousand words, what about a video? If you look at it this way, the amount of information that could potentially be communicated through a video, as part of your online content sharing is infinite!

Why video? Well, think about this.

Would you rather read an article, or watch the same content being read back to you via video? Are you more likely to trust a brand you see in a catalogue, or one where a brand representative is communicating directly to you, looking you in the eye, smiling, just as if they are there in the room with you?

The simple fact is that video is more persuasive, more entertaining and more likely to generate leads for you through your online platform than any other media. If video isn’t already a part of your digital marketing strategy, consider the following statistics;

  • By 2017, 69% of internet traffic generated by consumers will come from videos
  • Over 80% of people are more likely to purchase a product after they watch a video about it
  • 45.4% of people view at least 1 online video a month
  • The average user, however, is exposed to 32.2 videos online in a month, around 1 a day
  • 100 million global internet users watch videos every day!

But here’s the real winning stats…

  • Major online retailers say 90% of online shoppers find videos helpful in making purchase decisions, and are more likely to buy, as video offers a more lifelike element
  • And homes with videos attached to their online profile are 403% more likely to have interest shown in them than those without

And even if retail or real estate ISN’T your industry, you can hardly argue with the wider online video statistics can you?

So if you’re wondering why videos work so well in attracting traffic, generating leads and creating sales online, the answer can be summed up in a few key reasons.

  1. Emotion drives decision making. We need to see and feel emotion to understand a product and what it will offer, and what better way to portray emotion than through a video?
  2. Videos build trust and credibility. If you see a brand ambassador smiling and making eye contact, even if just through your computer or mobile screen, you are far more likely to relate to and therefore trust the brand.
  3. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines like Google receive strong “indicators of relevance” from sites with embedded videos, and are more likely to rank your higher on the search engine, leading to more traffic.
  4. Videos are engaging without requiring much effort of the viewer. Simply load, click, watch and passively absorb the messages.
  5. Potential reach. With YouTube gaining in excess of 1 billion unique views monthly, the potential reach of video marketing content is enormous, and unparalleled in the online sphere.

The fact that video is the future of content marketing is inevitable. Though there are several key considerations to keep in mind when creating video content for your webpage and social media sites.

Your target market:

There is no point pouring time and money into making a video that will appeal to all demographics, it will never happen. Instead, clearly identify your target market, and construct your video content with them in mind.

The message:

Know what you are trying to say to your target market – no one will be interested in your content for long if the message isn’t clear or doesn’t succeed in grabbing their attention.

The first 10 seconds are key:

Be creative! It is estimated that viewers of online videos will have made their minds up within ten second. This means that the opening of your video has the potential to make or break a sale, to entice or repel a potential client, and to intrigue or bore the market.


Everywhere! On as many platforms as are at your disposal! Your website, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, links on Twitter, Instagram, EDMs - whatever online tools are part of your marketing strategy, your video needs to be incorporated to ensure it gains maximum traction in the market place.

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