Illustrating your brand and marketing

Written by Monica McInnes.

Illustrating your brand through illustration

Illustration has many applications. One such application is using illustration as part of your marketing strategy and even your business branding.

Illustration can use any medium from pencils, crayons, pastel and paint, and can act as a powerful and unique visual tool to help bring core messages to life in print, online, as part of an animation, television commercial, or a digital video.

The beauty of illustration is that it is limitless. Whatever style, whatever the project, an illustration can be customised to meet the exact needs of the business strategy and be easily modified or updated to give a new lease on a campaign.

Illustrations can be used for a variety of applications. They can be visually appealing line drawings of products – think Bunnings catalogues; or a characters or mascots for further enhancement of a brand.

In fact a whole marketing campaign can be based around an illustration. Add a series of characters and places and you can create a short online animation or use as a television commercial. Illustrations can be used in print, signage, advertisements, websites, television commercials and on promotional products. The possibilities are endless.

Illustration can also be used as part of an educational type campaign or to provide information to employees of a large organisation. Often illustrations are easier to understand than written text and can portray meaning quickly and concisely in a visual message rather than text heavy copy.

Using illustration in any marketing campaign can:

  • Draw attention to certain information, as people are instantly drawn to an image before they even read the text.
  • Convey an idea that might difficult to express or could take a lot of time to describe.
  • Be highly memorable and have longevity – almost everyone remembers Norm from the Life Be In It campaigns!

If you are thinking about using an illustration for your marketing material, be clear about your goal, think about what style of illustration will suit your target market and most of all have fun with it.

Here at JAM Media with have an accomplished team of artists ready to bring your ideas to life through illustration. Call us today for an obligation free consultation to see how JAM Media can help and you can check out our ilustration portfolio here.

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